Coming Soon to Eastlake Chula Vista! Look for the Sprinter around Eastlake!

Coming Soon to Eastlake Chula Vista! Look for the Sprinter around Eastlake!

San Diego Mac Repair comes to you! Apple Certified Techs with over 9 years of iPhone iPad Mac repair experience

San Diego Mac Repair is coming soon to the Eastlake Chula Vista area and will offer iPhone iPad and Mac repairs in your home or business. San Diego Mac Repair can fix your cracked iPhone screen, broken glass, LCD, water damage, SSD upgrade, Ring doorbell installation and much more. Read below for more information about our mobile services that are coming to Eastlake Chula Vista.

List of services: iPhone cracked screen repair, iPhone LCD repair, MacBook LCD repair, MacBook water damage repair, MacBook Pro screen repair, iMac SSD upgrade, iMac LCD repair, Ring video doorbell installation, MacBook keyboard replacementMacBook trackpad replacement, glass repair for iPads, etc. How is easy is it to get a repair? Read below.

How do I get my iPhone iPad or Mac repaired? Call 858-375-9757 to speak to an Apple Certified Mac technician right away to schedule a repair.

What areas do you cover for repairs? San Diego Mac Repair will cover the Eastlake, Otay Ranch, Chula Vista area and will come to you in the Sprinter vehicle. San Diego's First repair shop on wheels.

Why do repairs with San Diego Mac Repair? San Diego Mac Repair has over 9 years of iPhone iPad and Mac Repair experience. We are licensed and insured to do repairs in Chula Vista and San Diego county. You will speak to a technician that doesn't just speak tech. Simple and easy same day repairs. See why we are voted best in San Diego. Over 100 5-Star Yelp reviews and over 60 5-Star Google reviews. 

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How to fix a Mac Stuck on Apple Logo Progress Bar

How to fix a Mac Stuck on Apple Logo Progress Bar

Is your Mac stuck on the Apple Logo with the Progress Bar?

You may have just done an update or turned it on and are presented with the Apple logo with progress bar and can't do anything. Don't stress this can be something you can fix on your own. Continue reading and follow the steps I outline.

DIY Steps

1. Let it sit for awhile - Apple has been releasing many updates and patches with Mac OS High Sierra over the last few months. Sometimes it will update in the middle of the night or in the morning when the computer is asleep. I recommend giving it at least a few hours to see if it goes through.

2. Turn it off and on while holding Shift key. By holding the key when powering on you are getting into the safe boot option. Safe boot option attempts to repair any file system errors in the operating system. You may have a bad file system which will require an erase and reinstall. If you are able to get into safe boot make sure to do a time machine backup. Follow this guide to do it.

3. Turn it off and on while holding Option key. The option key will give you a cursor and options that look like hard drives on the screen. Option boot into Macintosh HD if you are able to if you are stuck on a screen that says Macintosh could not find the packages. See the photo below. 


when you option boot into the Macintosh HD go to apple logo > system preferences > startup disk > click the lock to unlock the disk and select the Macintosh HD and do a system restart.

4. Go to the recovery partition. Restart the computer and hold the Command + R key until you reach the recovery partition. This partition will allow you to reinstall the operating system if you are having issues. There are tools like disk utility to attempt to fix system errors. This is good if you are tech savvy. 

Bring in your Mac to San Diego Mac Repair for service

San Diego Mac Repair can save your files on occasion and do diagnostics of the hardware. Many times the Apple logo with progress bar can mean you have a hardware failure such as the hard drive, hard drive cable or logic board. We run full diagnostics on your Apple Mac computer in our shop in La Jolla. We also offer a mobile Mac repair service that can come to your home or business.

Data recovery, backup files, and reinstall to fix your Mac. San Diego Mac Repair does offer data recovery and has had success backing up files from failing hard drive. If Apple diagnoses your Mac with a failing hard drive we may be able to help. If we can't recover data we don't charge. Bring in your Mac to an Apple Certified repair shop with over 9 years of apple repair experience.

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11.3 Bricking Aftermarket Parts - No Touch Screen - Another Reason To Choose Repair Shops Wisely

11.3 Bricking Aftermarket Parts - No Touch Screen - Another Reason To Choose Repair Shops Wisely

iOS 11.3 Released and Bricking Fake iPhone Screens

iOS 11.3 may need feel or seem different but it is. 11.3 is bricking people that have fake aftermarket screens installed on their iPhone. Its unknown how many people have fake iPhone screens installed on their device but the numbers may be very high. If you have one of these screens installed its advised to see us for original quality display as soon as possible. All of your data should be there after repair. Users will have no touch screen access after using a fake iPhone screen on iOS 11.3 with some reports. 

How did this happen? Some people may say they want you to go into the Apple Store for service or just a random bug that is affecting the community. How it happened isn't clear but it's not worth the risk of having a fake iPhone screen installed on your iPhone. Imagine your on vacation, your iPhone updates, and now you can't take photos because a repair shop decided to install a fake screen on your iPhone. San Diego Mac Repair will never install a fake iPhone screen on your iPhone.

What do I do next? San Diego Mac Repair is taking $10 off any repair of $100 or more and will install an original quality display in minutes. We are located at 7734 Herschel Avenue #J La Jolla, CA 92037 and now offer a mobile service. Call for details. If you can't access your iPhone DO NOT RESTORE your iPhone.

Should I trust any repair shop to fix my iPhone screen? The answer is no. Most repair shops only offer aftermarket because the parts are cheap and they want the customer to break it again. If you see something that is too good to be true it probably is. San Diego Mac Repair never uses fake iPhone screens. See if the repair shop has an Apple Certified Tech or has previous Apple experience and if they really do use original quality parts. Check out this page to find out if it's a fake iPhone screen.

Downgrade your iPhone. There may be a chance you can downgrade it but you will lose your data. Follow this tutorial to downgrade your iPhone if you can't make it in to a repair shop and you have high speed internet. Redmond Pie

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